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Given my druthers, I'd generally be found writing full-sized novels, but occasionally I have an idea strike me that really needs done as a short story. Alternatively, recently I've begun hammering out a few shorter pieces aimed at publication in one of the various magazines. There isn't much here yet, but since magazines generally only buy first serial writes, there shouldn't be anything stopping them from being posted here as they are accepted (or rejected).

I recently saw a video of a discussion where an author that I've recently come to enjoy reading said that there is an element of romance to all fantasy stories, and an element of fantasy to all romance stories, so she didn't see anything surprising with the rise of the paranormal romance books.

I tend to agree, but don't usually find my stories tilting quite as far on the romance side of things as what Absence did. Still, there was an aching quality to what I wanted to do with Absence that demanded I give it a try. For now, I truly hope that you enjoy Absence, and remember your feedback and encouragement is always appreciated.

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