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File prep for Kindle:

It's already past my bedtime, but I wanted to take a few minutes and start a post designed to help convert 'dirty' html to clean html for purposes of prepping a file to convert to kindle.

I generally start with Open Office html as it generally seems pretty clean. That being said, it's still likely to have some garbage in it.

The basic idea behind html is that you use tags like < i > (without the spaces) to signal the start of a special attribute like italics. You then use < / i > to signal that the formatting has stopped.

For purposes of this, you'll definitely want to keep the following: < i > < b > < p >. I'll add additional tags as I do my next few conversions.

I do my html editing in notepad. I generally start by doing a search on '<' and then doing a find and replace on all the tags I find. The good tags I change to '[' like '[i]' because I don't use brackets in my stories. The bad tags, that define a bunch of stuff that I'm worried will cause problems with the conversion, I just replace with nothing, or with a simplified tag.

Hopefully that gets you started, more to come in the following weeks.

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